i'm a catalogue of disasters
I'm a ninteen year old art student from Michigan with two jobs and no money.

i dwell on things to break my own heart and i've fallen in love with being miserable.
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hey! you should follow me on Instagram. it’s @brittybuhh

my hair is frizzy and gross today, haaaaay. πŸ’
I was too tired to put effort into good makeup today. #brittany
birthday bitchhhh. come buy stuff from me at work. I’ll be there 11-3
30 minutes into my birthday and it’s already great. Derek got me this bangin purse that I’m in love with and a cute card and his mommy even got me a card and a gift card ☺️ I’m super pooped though and have to work on my birthday AGAIN this year. 😑 so goodnight πŸ™ˆ #brittany

Please ignore my lil pants poking through, My mum gave me two pairs of these vintage wrap shorts she used to wear as a teen! Love them!! 😁 #summertime #needatan